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If you want to help you can use the code 90promo, that has a $90 discount The remaining $7 will be donated to a charity that for 2007 will be Unicef

Who am I? Just a Dreamhost customer that is trying to raise some money for charity.

If you don't know what DreamHost is, let me explain: It's everything you were looking for in web hosting!

It allows you to host several domains in one good account, with lots of disk space (200 Gb! 200,000 Mb)
and bandwith data transfer (2 Tb!! 2000 Gb or 2,000,000 Mb). And each week with Dreamhost, your account grows!

Apart from all this, you also have easy 1 click installs for some of the most known scripts and applications,
a reward system that pays you up to $97 for referral, charity donations and much more.

I also love the possibility of having one ftp account to manage all my sites! It saves a lot of time!

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DreamHost97 - dreamhost promo code discount coupon